Kaer - Gnome Adventurer

check my 2nd blog or facebook and watch my newest sculpture, Kaer - Gnome Adventurer


My Indiegogo Project

Long long time without any post from me.
In short: I stopped painting. I'm sculptor now.
And now I'd like to share with You my indiegogo project - Myconids from Gloom Glade.

Here is a link to indiegogo project page -> http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/myconids-from-gloom-glade

and also a link to facebook fanpage -> http://www.facebook.com/pages/Myconids-from-Gloom-Glade/576536225690828

Myconid from Gloom Glade is a pre-sale of miniatures based on Myconid race known from many RPG games.

If You like the miniatures and would like to see similar projects in the future please support my by sharing this with Your friends and/or buying our stuff from indiegogo project page.

On Indiegogo project site You can find more photos and video

Also, I'm starting with new blog, where You can find my new sculpts, here is link


Arn the Gothia

I'm very busy now and I don't have time to paint but slowly I finished Arn the Gothia.
On CMON you can rate it
If You want to buy it, bid it on e-Bay


Top last 7 days :D

I want to tell you: first time my mini is in "top last 7 days" at CoolMiniOrNot
and it is my first mini over "9" rating...
I'm so happy... ;D

... and a printscreen:


After Grey Seer

I come back from Grey Seer painting competition yesterday, my friend Orkish made photos of my works so you can see what I did.
I was started in two categories: single sci-fi with Death Korps of Krieg Commissar and single fantasy with Valeria, the vampire.
Commissar didn't win anything and I'm little disappointed. Pleasure to paint and would definitely paint it again some time.
Valeria is "grey seer" finalist.

I hope to go next year. I had good time and I hope to see all people at Husar.

This models are able to buy at ebay, so if You want:

You can also check their rate at Cool Mini Or Not


Grey seer are coming ;)

ye... I know... first will by German Golden Demon...
unfortunately I can't by there...
I was starting today painted mini for Grey Seer (painting competition, 13.08.2011)
I want to start in two categories:
single fantasy miniature and single sci-fi...
my single fantasy entries is: Valerie from Tales of War...
grate mini ;)

I don't have decision yet about mini to sci-fi categories...
so... go to the work... ;)



Tzeentch Sorcerer

Long time no postning, I'm sorry for this...
Now I present you my new work: Tzeentch Sorcerer from Storm of Magic
I want to know your opinions, fell free to comments ;)